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BIOTEK is a premium manufacturer and marketer of orthopaedic products made to international specifications and standards.

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ANSTEM Medical have curated a quality range of products for arthroscopic and minimally invasive orthopaedic surgical procedures. BIOTEK offers a comprehensive range of products in sports medicine.

Suture Anchors for SLAP & BANKART Repair

FIBERKNOT® Ligament Anchors (All Suture)

FIBERKNOT® is an all-suture anchor that is smaller without compromising strength.

The FIBERKNOT® Soft Ligament Anchor is composed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) suture and is available in 1.5 mm (single loaded) and 1.8 mm (double loaded) sizes. FIBERKNOT® requires a smaller pilot hole compared to traditional anchors, minimizing bone removal and decreasing the overall anchor footprint, while still providing superior strength. The FIBERKNOT® delivery system is designed to provide a consistent, reproducible technique to eliminate the inconsistency seen with other all-suture anchors on the market

The curved and straight sleeves enable delivery around a curve and perpendicular placement for posterior SLAP and inferior Bankart repairs.

The drill ensures accurate pilot hole placement with both straight and curved guides.

Mini-Vim PK Ligament Anchors (PEEK)

The Mini-Vim PK ligament anchors are available in a variety of sizing and suture options. The Mini-Vim PK is a nonabsorbable PEEK suture anchor with a material eyelet, which provides superior abrasion resistance due to PEEK’S low coefficient of friction. Anchor insertion and delivery are made simple by drilling through a spear and inserting the anchor through the same spear into the drilled hole.

Mini-Vim Ligament Anchors (Titanium)

The Mini-Vim ligament anchors are titanium anchors available in 2.8mm and 3.5mm diameters and come preloaded with USP #2 BioFiber sutures. In most cases, the implant can be manually inserted using the handled version. A drill is available for use in hard bone if desired. For arthroscopic applications, the Mini-Vim anchor can be inserted through the small-diameter Mini-Vim spear, eliminating the need for a cannula. This is ideal for SLAP and subscapularis repairs where a small stab incision and percutaneous delivery of the implant are preferred.

Key Features:

  • Tremendous pull-out strength.
  • Self-drilling. A drill is available for use in hard bone if desired.
  • Preloaded with One USP # 2 BioFiber in a single-use sterile pack.
  • Also available in a needled version.

Suture Anchors for Rotator Cuff Repair

FIBERKNOT Soft Ligament Anchors (All Suture)

  • All suture anchor
  • Ensures secure fixation
  • 0.8mm and 1.8mm anchors for Wrist repair & 2.9mm for Rotator Cuff Repair.

Super-Vim Suture Anchors (Titanium)

The Super-Vim design incorporates a cancellous thread with a very small core diameter to maximize pull-out strength in cancellous or osteopenic bone. Each Super-Vim comes with two or three # 2 Biofiber sutures of contrasting colours to maximize soft tissue fixation and allow suture identification. The Super-Vim anchors have two suture eyelets to minimize the possibility of having the second suture lock after the first suture is tied. Available in 5.0mm diameter with colour-coded anchors and high-strength UHMWPE Btofibers.

Key Features

  • Ideal for mini-open rotator cuff repair procedures.
  • Anchors made of Ti 6AI-4V ELI Titanium Alloy.
  • Multiple Biofibers dispense load over more of the tendon
  • Independent Biofiber channels reduce suture binding
  • The needlepoint tip permits atraumatic hand insertion through soft tissue.
  • Anchor’s wide threads and small core optimize bone purchase.
  • Self-tapping design
  • Fully-threaded anchor body increases resistance to pull-out.
  • Laser-etched markings on the drivers for insertion depth and suture orientation
  • 5.0mm available with needles

Vim-Fix PK Suture Anchor
(Knotted for Primary or Medial row)

The Vim-Fix PK is a fully threaded suture anchor featuring dual threads to maximize cortical and cancellous fixation, has a covered saddle tip to protect the sutures and is cannulated to channel growth factors. The Vim-Fix PK anchor is manufactured with PEEK material which is a thermoplastic material with excellent biocompatibility and biostability characteristics.

  • Clinical Used for Primary or Medial Row Fixation
  • Fully threaded; Cancellous and cortical threads provide exceptional fixation strength
  • Broaching punch minimizes cortical stress fractures
  • Double or triple loaded with Bioiiber suture
  • Enhanced tip thread profile for easy insertion
  • Provides initial fixation strength and stability
  • Technique-create hole, screw-in anchor

Vim-Fix LR Suture Anchor
(Knotless for Lateral row)

The Vim-Fix LR is a fully-threaded, knotless anchor designed for use with BioFiber suture or BioFiber Tape in rotator cuff repair using the bridge techniques. It provides maximum pull-out and insertion strength while saving time. The simple knotless technique consists of passing sutures or tapes through tissue, loading them through the closed Vim-Fix LR eyelet which is then inserted into a bone socket. Tension is visualized, adjusted and locked into position with the Vim-Fix LR anchor body. Vim-Fix LR anchor is cannulated and vented to minimize material and allow for potential bony ingrowth. The anchor is available in 4.75mm & 5.5mm diameters, and PEEK material which is a thermoplastic material with excellent biocompatibility and biostability characteristics.

The Vim-Fix LR is a twist-in knotless anchor. The anchor is available with a PEEK body and a PEEK eyelet. The Vim-Fix LR can be used as the lateral row anchor in bridge techniques.


Bioabsorbable Ligament Anchor

BIO-VIM® is a bioabsorbable suture anchor designed to be implanted into bone for the attachment of tendons / ligaments/soft tissues via a suture attached to the device used in arthroscopic or open surgical procedures. This device is available in many variants and sizes and is made of a material that can be chemically degraded and typically absorbed via natural body processes. 

BIO-VIM® anchors are composed of Poly (L-lactide-co-D, L -lactide) with ls-tricalcium phosphate (is a mixture of 70 % RESOMER® LR 706 S and 30 % beta -TCP). These anchors are fully threaded featuring dual threads to maximize cortical and cancellous fixation, have a covered saddle tip to protect the sutures and are cannulated to channel growth factors. 

Clinically Used for Primary or Medial Row Fixation in Cuff Repairs 

Screws for Biceps Tenodesis

Vim-Fix BT Tenodesis Screws (Knotless)

The VimFix-BT Tenodesis implant is designed for all-arthroscopic proximal biceps tenodesis. The efficient system was designed to save steps and minimize the length of the procedure. The implants feature a unique PEEK tip that is used to steer the biceps tendon to the bottom of the bone socket without the need to externalize or whipstitch the tendon. There is no need to predetermine tendon length, as position and tension are easily set and visualized prior to final anchor insertion. Strong fixation is obtained by simply advancing the preloaded VimFix-BT Tenodesis Screw. The system also features piloted headed reamers with built-in guide tips that eliminate the need to ream over a guide pin.