Shoulder Solutions

Infinity-Lock™ Button System

For fixation of acromioclavicular separations due to coracoclavicular disruption

The Infinity-Lock Button System is a permanent implantable device for stabilization of acromioclavicular joint separations, comprising a 240 mm Tape and 4 mm x 12 mm titanium alloy Button supplied together with a disposable cannulated drill bit and guidewire. The Tube-Tape has a loop at one end which is passed under the coracoid process by a lead suture; the other end of the tape is then fed back through this loop to provide distal fixation. Superior fixation is achieved by passing the end of the tape through a bone tunnel in the clavicle and securing it with the titanium Button. A coracoid passer, such as the Xiros CC-Hook, is also required.


The Infinity-Lock Button System is indicated for patients with acromioclavicular separations resulting from disruption to the coracoclavicular ligaments.

xiros shoulder solutions


    • Use the Infinity-Lock Button System for AC joint separation requiring a simple and replicable operative solution
    • Device and surgical technique designed by leaders in upper limb surgery
    • One size fits all, eliminating the potential for mis-sizing and stocking issues
    • Woven polyester implant utilizes medical manufacturing techniques supported by over 30 years of data
    • Titanium alloy Button provides high strength, low profile fixation in the clavicle
    • Infinity-Lock Button System is a strong and reliable alternative ACJ repair method

Pitch Patch

For Rotator Cuff Reinforcement

The Pitch Patch is a permanent implant constructed from knitted polyester fabric. It thus provides long-term stability and encourages tissue ingrowth throughout the healing process. It is available sterile in three sizes to suit varying patient anatomy, size of the tear, or extent of poor quality tissue.


The Pitch Patch is indicated for reinforcement of the rotator cuff following or during repair by suture or suture anchors, where the tear cannot be completely repaired using normal methods and/or the soft tissue is of poor quality.


  • Integral reinforced perimeter provides high suture retention strength
  • No need to soak before use
  • Easy to handle
  • Soft edges to reduce buckling and irritation
  • Strength and consistency; no risk of collagen rejection, donor disease transmission, variation in tissue quality, or quick degradation as associated with allografts and xenografts
  • No freezer or defrosting procedures required: readily available and easy to store, with a long shelf life
  • Cost effective in comparison with traditional tissue patches
  • Porous structure acts as a scaffold for tissue ingrowth
  • Scaffold construction provides intrinsic strength in the medial-lateral direction
  • Supplementary reinforcement across the width of the patch provides anterior-posterior stability
  • Reduces risk of excess tension being applied to the repair, which could otherwise cause failure