A High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid Single Injection OA Treatment

Experience lasting relief from knee joint pain caused by osteoarthritis (OA) with Monovisc® – a cutting-edge single-injection viscosupplement. Our treatment, featuring highly purified sodium hyaluronate (NaHA) in a biocompatible and resorbable solution, is designed to enhance your joint health.

Benefit from up to 6 months of pain relief with just one injection of Monovisc®. It stands out as the sole non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid (HA) single-injection treatment approved for use in the United States. What’s more, it delivers the highest available dose of HA (88mg) in any single-injection therapy.

Discover a revolutionary approach to managing knee osteoarthritis – choose Monovisc for effective, long-lasting results.

monovisc injection

The Monovisc® Advantage

  • Single Injection Excellence: Experience the convenience of Monovisc®, delivering unparalleled relief with just one powerful injection.

  • Maximum Hyaluronic Acid Dose: Benefit from the highest delivered dose of hyaluronic acid (88mg) in any 100% HA single-injection treatment, setting Monovisc apart in efficacy.

  • Extended Relief: Monovisc is approved to provide strong, enduring pain relief for up to an impressive 26 weeks, offering sustained comfort.

  • Proven Safety and Global Trust: With a track record of over 10 years and nearly 2 million injections worldwide, Monovisc is a trusted choice for knee osteoarthritis management.

  • Cutting-Edge Composition: Monovisc features highly concentrated, high molecular weight, non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid, reflecting its commitment to advanced and safe solutions.

The Monovisc® Patient

  • Ideal for Sports-Related Injuries: Tailored for younger individuals dealing with sports-related injuries, Monovisc® offers a targeted solution for a faster return to an active lifestyle.

  • Single-Visit Convenience: Perfect for those seeking a streamlined treatment approach, Monovisc® caters to individuals who prefer a single visit for effective joint care.

  • Athletes’ Go-To Solution: Athletes benefit from Monovisc® as a viscoelastic supplement, providing crucial joint lubrication and mechanical support to enhance performance and aid in recovery.

  • Quick Recovery Demands: Monovisc® is the choice for individuals who demand swift recovery, ensuring a prompt return to regular activities.