Ankle Solutions

PLUS™ System

The AchilloCordPLUS is intended for acute Achilles tendon ruptures during sport, where an extended period of postoperative immobilization is undesirable. It is also suitable for the elderly or patients with a history of prolonged steroid treatment, where wound healing is often a problem after ankle surgery.


The AchilloCordPLUS is a densely woven flexible tubular structure, 5 mm in diameter and 800 mm in length. Both ends of the device are flat, allowing it to be threaded easily through the eye of a probe, which is used to pull it through soft tissue and bone tunnels.


  • No need to immobilize the leg in a cast postoperatively, allowing for early rehabilitation
  • Increased potential for retaining full range of motion
  • Partial weight bearing and early mobilization of the leg in the immediate postoperative phase helps retain muscle bulk and strength
  • Fast return to activities of daily living, retaining independence
  • Return to work after an average of six weeks and return to driving after seven weeks, reducing loss of earnings
  • Fast return to sport after four months, retaining fitness
  • Made from polyester (polyethylene terephthalate), which has been used for ligament and tendon reconstruction for over 25 years