PatellarTape System™


PatellarTape System™

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For Patellar Tendon Reconstruction

The PatellarTape System comprises a wide, open weave Poly-Tape implant (30 mm x 800 mm) with associated disposable instrumentation to repair a ruptured patellar tendon, without the need to harvest autogenous tissue.

How it Works

1 The Poly-Tape is passed transversely through the distal quadriceps tendon at its patellar insertion

2 The Poly-Tape is crossed over itself and the medial end is passed through the bone tunnel

3 Both ends are secured to the lateral tibial metaphysis by knotting the free ends of the Poly-Tape. Alternatively, two bone staples can be used under the cover of the tibialis anterior muscle

4 A 4.5 mm hole is drilled from the lateral side

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