Infinity-Lock™ Button System


Infinity-Lock™ Button System

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For fixation of acromioclavicular separations due to coracoclavicular disruption

The Infinity-Lock Button System is a permanent implantable device for stabilization of acromioclavicular joint separations, comprising a 240 mm Tube-Tape and 4 mm x 12 mm titanium alloy Button supplied together with disposable cannulated drill bit and guidewire. The Tube-Tape has a loop at one end which is passed under the coracoid process by a lead suture; the other end of the tape is then fed back through this loop to provide distal fixation. Superior fixation is achieved by passing the end of the tape through a bone tunnel in the clavicle and securing it with the titanium Button. A coracoid passer, such as the Xiros CC-Hook, is also required.

How it Works

1 The implant is passed around the coracoid process and both limbs are passed through the loop

2 Both limbs of the Tube-Tape are passed through the 4 mm diameter bone tunnel one at a time

3 Single low profile Button is used to anchor the Tube-Tape to the bone

4 Secured with a reef knot inferiorly, or anteriorly if insufficient space below the clavicle

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