AchilloCordPLUS™ System


AchilloCordPLUS™ System

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The AchilloCordPLUS is intended for acute Achilles tendon ruptures during sport, where an extended period of postoperative immobilization is undesirable. It is also suitable for the elderly or patients with a history of prolonged steroid treatment, where wound healing is often a problem after ankle surgery.

How it Works

1 Proximal fixation is provided by threading the AchilloCordPLUS in a figure of eight through the proximal tendon stump

2 The AchilloCordPLUS is tied with a knot at the site of the rupture. The ends of the tendon are sutured together over the knot, so that the knot remains buried in the tissue

3 Distal fixation is provided by threading the AchilloCordPLUS through a small (3.2 mm diameter) bone tunnel in the os calcis, followed by a single pass in the distal tendon stump

4 The technique is performed through six stab incisions and a small posteromedial incision

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